The whole idea behind the POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT having its
        own SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITIES is based upon this simple concept :

By attracting the "best and brightest" around an enlightened
set of values — and by providing support groups and a condu-
cive operating environment  —  human potential can flourish !


THE NEW ATRIUM TOWER COMMUNITY consists of 6 High-rise Towers  centered around a Glass Domed Atrium with Sloping Greenhouses  extending out into the Surrounding Parkland.

   Living, working, shopping, education, entertainment, recreation, etc. are all “ideally integrated.”

The ATRIUM (with various terraced levels) is lushly landscaped and has meandering paths, streams, waterfalls, sculptures, kiosks, reading areas, fish, hummingbirds, chipmunks, etc. The SLOPING GLASS ENCLOSURES buttressing each corner vary from one to another and feature such aspects as tiered patio decks, gathering spots, dining facilities, landscaping, exhibits, play areas, picnic areas, etc. UNDERGROUND PARKING exists for guest parking and for the community’s own fleet of cars, busses, trucks, and recreational carts and vehicles which are freely available for use by members.

The TOWERS contain a mixed use fully integrated complement of the following facilities:

Residential Units
Offices and Businesses
Resort Accommodations
Entertainment Facilities

Art Galleries 
Meeting Facilities
Education Centers
Medical Facilities
Coffee Shops/Tea Rooms
Library and Media Center

Fitness Centers
Hobby Centers
Day Care Centers
Church Facilities
Exhibit  Areas
Support Services

EASY CONVENIENT ACCESS to everything is provided by escalators, elevators, & walks.


The centrally located glass enclosed "ATRIUM" provides openness and a year round parkland.

All things considered, these distinctive new POTENTIALIST COMMUNITIES — with their integrated mixed use environment represent a major breakthrough in creating beautiful and functional communities in which potential packed people can live, work, and play.

The plans as shown serve as the  "blueprints"  for the communities that will be forthcoming.

In the same way that large high tech corporations build modern advanced high tech campuses to provide the most stimulating and productive environment for their personnel, the POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT does the same for its members. But instead of just dealing with the work environment, we focus on the whole living, work, shopping, education, recreation, relaxation environment, etc. as well. In no way are our communities intended to isolate our members or provide a restrictive environment, but instead, to provide the most stimulating and nurturing environment in which the potential of the individual is facilitated and accelerated to the fullest extent possible to produce both enjoyment and accomplishment as a result.

Not only do we provide the most conducive environment for developing human potential,  but — by having smaller manageably sized communities of our own — the members have an environment over which they can actually have control in a way that is responsive to change and progress as the development of their potential continually evolves. Since one of our major principles is to "make the most of life and the world around us," it does little good to urge people to take an active role in shaping their world, if that world is not of a manageable size that they can actually shape. The simple truth is that a small minority cannot change the world at large — but a small enlightened minority CAN create "advanced prototype communities" that show the world at large what human potential can accomplish. By doing so, not only is an environment created that nurtures creativity and human potential, but one that also empowers people to shape the very world in which they live, work, and play.

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