SELF-ACTUALIZATION is the key to fulfilling human potential and making life rich and meaningful


"SELF-ACTUALIZATION" is the fulfillment of
human potential through the ongoing process of
fully and constructively applying one’s talents to
one’s interests for the sense of personal
and accomplishment that results.

Pursuing "self-actualization" and pursuing one’s "human potential" are ONE IN THE SAME.  It's simply a matter of identifying one's TALENTS (on one hand) and one's INTERESTS  (on the other) and then marrying the two of them together in a constructive way — and then the process of self-actualization and developing human potential is put into the actual "implementation mode."

This whole process is exactly what the POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT is all about. Not only is the emphasis placed on helping individuals discover their interests and talents, but then providing the support groups and conducive environment that greatly facilitate and accelerate the process. As a result — quantum leaps can occur in the development of human potential.

(Think about this carefully)

All things considered, SELF-ACTUALIZATION is a key to finding your personal happi-
ness, while at the same time, contributing greatly to the well-being of   SELF, SOCIETY,
It's a "win- win situation" for all concerned.


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If the fulfillment of human potential is essential,
then so are the means for accomplishing that goal.
SELF-ACTUALIZATION is the key process involved.

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